Electrical Turnkey Projects

Grade Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (GEPL) is licensed electrical company which is engaged in undertaking world-class Turnkey Electrical Projects in LV & HV electrification up to 33kV and so on. We design, procure & build most reliable and cost effective electrical projects for our clients. We have a team of engineers & an estimator who receives tender & inquiries and visit your office or workplace to discuss a project. We can either help you to design and build your project or we can work on information from design plans you may already have. The foremost advantage of working with GEPL is you get all electrical services under one roof, right from design, construction through liasoning and finally realization to further maintenance of project. Our project department works on philosophy “Build to last long”. Through our constant endeavor & systematic approach to procure material within timeframe and optimum utilization of manpower, we have delivered projects to our clients in allotted/ mutually agreed time.

The step by step approach of our Electrical Turnkey Project team is as below

Our Activities

  • Civil Works

    We have a team of civil technicians who are skilled to undertake the work of preparation of trenches, manholes, sand bedding, foundations and earthing pits required in project. The civil team ensures that trenches are straight or suitably curved as per the allowed bending radius of cables with gradual gradient wherever required. We do compartmentation of cable tunnels through which trays pass and make provision of walls at interval not more than 30 m and seal the apertures openings with the use of fire stops to prevent fire spread.The manholes we make are water tight with concrete foundation and with properly finished plastering from inside & outside. We provide RCC cover or CI cover as per client specification.

  • Installation of Equipment

    GEPL has specialized team to install electrical equipment and panels, as per Indian Standard & OEM manual without causing any damage. The Panels are grouted to floor level rigidly to ensure that it does not displace in case of any unforeseen short circuit within the panel. The connection of proper size of earth conductor at distinct places to the equipment is ensured by the team positively.

  • Laying of HV & LV Cables

    Selection of proper type & make of cable is a crucial activity. GEPL recommends client for the trustworthy branded cable among the approved make in the tender. From the point of receiving cable to its termination, we ensure that both ends of cable are properly sealed to prevent ingress of water/ moisture. While installing power cable with either instrument or communication cable, we ensure that clearances mentioned in Indian Standard are strictly maintained. The stress at bending portion of the cable is minimized by strictly following recommended bending radius by Indian Standard/ Cable OEM. A dry sand bed of minimum 90mm is provided as a cushion below and above the cable. On the top of sand cushion, we place protective tiles / route marker with voltage class mentioned on it. We also follow tagging system to cables at its both ends for easy identification.

  • Cable End Terminations

    On passing IR & HV test on cable, the cables are terminated with torque wrenches by applying standard tightening torque mentioned in OEM manual. This ensures proper tight termination of cables. We take care that lugs used are of heavy duty type and of the same material as that of cable conductor. The cables enter / leave the panel or terminal box through proper type of gland. In case of hazardous & other unsafe area, FLP double compression glands are mandatorily used by us.

  • Preparation of Earthing Pit- Laying Earthing Network

    Human Life has the highest priority in GEPL and hence emphasis is given to earthing of each & every installation in project as per Indian Standard & Codes. We always ensure appropriate type of earthing conductor, size of earthing conductor, equipotential bonding, and positive connection of earth conductor so that touch and step voltage does not cross the safe limit. We can provide either conventional earthing system or Maintenance free chemical earthing and earthing mesh required for lightening protection. Our team ensures that the earthing resistance of earth pit does not exceed 1 ohm and loop earthing resistance anywhere in earthing network does not exceed 5 ohms.

  • Testing and Commissioning

    The testing and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment is a highly specialized activity. With every HV electrical installation our trained engineers carry out their specified area of work to the highest technical and safety standards. The activities that are undertaken in Testing & Commissioning are-
    *HV and LV cable Testing– IR & HV Test
    *Transformer Testing
    * IR Test
    * Ratio Test
    * Vector Group test
    * Magnetic Balance Test
    * No load Test
    * Load Test, if required
    * Transformer oil sample testing (DGA, electrical breakdown, acidity, water content etc.)
    * Switchgear Testing – Insulation Resistance (IR) & High Voltage (HV) Testing
    * Breaker Contact resistance measurement, Time interval Test
    * CT Ratio, Polarity checks, Dielectric Strength, Excitation Curve, Secondary Circuit Continuity
    * PT Ratio, Polarity checks, Dielectric Strength
    * Neutral Voltage Displacement
    * Panel Interlocking arrangement
    * Earthing Measurements
    * Protection Relay setting
    * Protection Relay Testing- Primary and Secondary Injection Timing Tests